Our Experience

The Brandvault senior management team has over 45 years experience working with Amazon and other global online marketplaces to deliver a diverse portfolio of brands ranging from Samsung, Vodafone, Beats and Sony to Wilma, Seek Thermal, Thor Glass and other start ups.

Michael Bartlett of Brandvault

Michael Bartlett

Managing Director

20+ years industry experience

Co-Owner and Commercial Director of Kondor Ltd

Worked strategically with hundreds of global brands to deliver effective channel management and brand positioning

Adam Bailey of Brandvault

Adam Bailey

Marketing Director

12+ years digital agency experience

Led the Digital Content Team at Kondor Ltd

Oversaw the rapid growth in digital services and solutions to many high profile brands

Joe Fisher of Brandvault

Joe Fisher

Business Development

15+ years Ecommerce experience

Led the Ecommerce team at Kondor Ltd

In depth knowledge of ecommerce digital needs and compliance ensure the best standards in optimisation of digital content on the various selling platforms

The Brandvault senior management team is supported by a highly talented and dedicated team of 3D Generalists, Designers, Creatives, Videographers, Cinematographers, A+ and EBC specialists.

Our vision is simple: To provide brands of all sizes the best possible digital content solutions that optimise their brand online and ensure sales growth is maximised.